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Offering a wide range of products and services inclusive of medical imaging equipment,
e-hospital solutions, regional medical, and personal healthcare, Neusoft Medical is committed to technology innovation and development ranging from hardware to software, from technology to service to deliver customized solutions and services for both hospitals and individuals from either urban cities or rural towns. Focusing on your health always, we are missioned to create a healthy life for you and your families by technology.

Medical Imaging Solutions 
We Independently innovated CT, MRI, and X-ray products of proprietary intellectual property rights to help realize high-efficiency, intelligent and accurate diagnosis...

Routine Examination Solutions 
We provide innovated ultrasound systems, automatic chemical analyzers, and lab automation system...

Oncology Solutions 
Dedicated to the oncology area, we have made practical clinicla total solutions for accurate radiotherapy treatment...

Global Service Network   
We have built a service network to ensure quick response and high-quality service for you
You Can Rely on Us:

- Continuously innovate in medical imaging equipment technology as the leader in the production of high-end medical equipment in China
- Our products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions
- The largest e-hospital solutions

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