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On account of certain regional limitations of sales rights and service availability, we cannot guarantee that all products included in this website are available through the Neusoft sales organization worldwide. Availability and packaging may vary by country and is subject to change without prior notice. Some/All of the features and products described herein may not be available in the U.S. or EU. Neusoft Medical Systems reserves the right to make change in design and specification of this product at any time without prior notice or obligation and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of this publication. Technical characteristics, descriptions and drawings as provided in this website are guide purpose only and do not represent any commitment on behalf of Neusoft Medical Systems.


This website is only used for reference purposes but has no legal power; Neusoft Medical Systems makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the validity or compliance of any information or image used in this website. Any dispute and legal proceeding arising out of or in relation to the use of any information or image in this website shall be undertaken by User.