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NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT Scanner System

The NeuViz 128 represents the latest state of Neusoft technological innovation. The exiting NEW product delivers increased value by...

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NeuViz 64 In/En  64-Slice CT Scanner System

Flagship product, innovative design, more benefits...
The design of NeuViz 64 In/En is patient-oriented, technologist-oriented and radiologist-oriented that delivers a new experience. 

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NeuViz 64 64-Slice CT Scanner System

Your new choice, bring us more...
The design of NeuViz 64 CT scanner is focused on minimizing patient x-ray dose which provides increased coverage, better image quality and faster exams.

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NeuViz 16 16-Slice CT Scanner System

Premier patient care, simultaneously lower cost
NeuViz 16, a 16-slice computed tomography scanner, which offers multi-detector capabilities with maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

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NeuViz 16 Classic 16-Slice CT Scanner System

Premium performnce, industry leading technology at an AFFORDABLE price!
NeuViz 16 Classic is the latest Neusoft innovation. Offers powerful scanning capacity, high resolution image quality with low dose and full range of clinical applications, but at an affordable price. It's the best choice in 16-slice CT. 

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NeuViz Dual Dual-Slice CT Scanner System

An affordable and reliable system with the newest, future-oriented technology
NeuViz Dual is a sub-second, sub-millimeter acquisition system adapted specially for economical day-to-day clinical routine. The system benefits from the latest developments in CT technology, including advances that lead to superb image quality and dose efficiency.

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NeuViz Twin Dual-Slice CT Scanner System

Wise CT, Wise choice
NeuViz Twin employs advanced technology and new generation platform to make fast and accurate diagnoses. Truely realize reality, easy to use and cost effective.

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