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NeuViz 64-64-Slice Scanner System

Your new choice, bring us more...
The NeuViz 64 CT scanner is the latest step in Neusoftí»s CT continuing innovation. The CT scanner provides increased coverage, better image quality and faster exams.

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NeuViz 16-16-Slice Scanner System

Premier patient care, simultaneously lower cost
Neusoft's new cost-effective NeuViz 16, 16-slice computed tomography scanner, which offers multi-detector capabilities with maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

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NeuViz Single-Slice CT Scanner System

Fully realize your diagnostic potential
NeuViz slingle slice CT scanner helps provide exceptional patient care with excellent image quality and advanced clinical applications at an affordable cost.

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BW workstattion

A powerful workstation from Neusoft , it can bring you high quality and high efficiency working experience.

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