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NSM-S15 (Sparkler 1.5T)-Superconductive MRI System

Comfortable, Ideal, Fast, and Worry-free.
Sparkler 1.5T(NSM-S15) delivers the performance and application available at the investment & cost you expect, making 1.5T possible and easy to have.
A new 1.5T solution designed for you - Simple, Practical, and Affordable
Starting a new era for 1.5T MRI expands its application to more patients......

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Superstar 0.35T

Image is Everything
Superstar 0.35T MRI combines advanced high-field technology with Neusoft Permanent Open Magnet. The Multi-Channel RF system and strong gradient configurations ensure advanced imaging capabilities, supporting a wide range of clinical applications.

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The latest innovation in permanent MRI of Neusoft, HQ 0.35T
High image quality you desire, Easy patient experience you deserve, Wide application protocol you demand which will enable HQ 0.35T MRI system to become a shining star in permanent MRI system. HQ 0.35T MRI system has higher affordability of imaging and higher productivity with imaging enable more and more nations around the globe to give their populations access to modern care.

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Image is Everything
The Superopen 0.23T(NAM-P023A) combines advanced high-field technology with Neusoft Permanent Open Magnet. The Multi-Channel RF system and Phased Array Rx Coils improve signals of low-field MRI to ensure excellent image quality and shorten scanning time.

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BW MRI Workstation

Professional Product for MRI Medical Image Post-processing

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