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Excellent technology, high intelligence, green healthcare, and new network-based design.
-Excellent technology for precise diagnosis
-Brand new network-based
-Green and safe patient care
-Intelligence for more easiness and efficiency

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NeuStar DR

Excellent technology, streamlined design, convenient patient care, and brand new network-based design.
Multifunctional column device featuring simple and easy installation, repair and maintenance, low cost and 200KHz super high frequency technology; floating bed with a large movement range in four directions, ionization chamber configuration, 300KHU thermal capacity bulb tube to guarantee continuous operation under any imaging condition.

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NeuPioneer DR 


Excellent technology & cost-effective design

NeuPioneerDR is a multifunctional column system featuring a portable plate panel detector, high frequency HV generator, mobile patient table. It offers a wide range of radiographic applications at high flexibility and productivity, providing healthcare facilities that facing financial and operational challenge with a cost effective solution to go digital at an affordable cost.


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