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NeuViz 16







NeuViz 16-16-Slice Scanner System


Premier patient care, simultaneously lower cost



The Neusoft's NeuViz 16 offers cost-effective 16-slice computed tomography with multi-detector capabilities for maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

  • Cost-effective 16 slices scanner supports high-tech care at a lower cost
  • 5.0 MHU tube configured with powerful 50 kW HV generator
  • 24 mm volume coverage and 0.75 mm slices enable advanced motion-sensitive applications
  • Advanced algorithms create impressive image quality for routine neuro, ortho and body imaging
  • DoseRight design delivers optimal dose efficiency without compromising image quality
  • Maximum patient throughput with an exceptionally compact design
  • Operator's console establishes an efficient environment for acquisition, reconstruction and post-processing
  • Remote Service package links your scanner directly to an online service center


Our Advantages, Your Benefits


Newly designed detector
Integrated detector with DAS system, dramatically improves signal to noise ratio, while the widest detector coverage in its class enables high resolution scanning, shorter breath-hold times, lower patient dose and improved patient comfort.

DoseRight modulation without compromising image quality
Neusoft is continually looking for ways to reduce the risk of radiation while expanding the benefits of diagnostic imaging technology. The NeuViz 16 embodies this committment with the highest dose efficiency on the market.
NeuViz 16 offer DoseRight modulation optimization tools that enhance user experience, improve image quality and save patient dose up to 50%.

Patented technology for dynamic focusing
Dynamic Focal Spot enables ultra-high spatial resolution in axial and spiral scanning by sampling two fan beams alternately, doubling the reconstruction data samples.

Unique embedded software technologies-CAD software solutions
The NeuViz 16 offers a full suite of unique CAD software solutions to support confidence in diagnoses and provide a competitive edge over other CT scanners.


Download Product Brochure:


 Brochure NeuViz 16 (3.7M)