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NeuViz Dual





NeuViz Dual Dual-Slice CT Scanner System


An affordable and realible system with the newest, future-ortiented technology



NeuViz Dual is sub-second, sub-millimeter acquisition system adapted for economical day-to-day clinical routine. The system offers the latest developments in CT technology for superb image quality and dose efficiency.

  • 0.8s full 360 scanning, 0.9s reconstruction time and 0.8mm minimum slice thickness
  • A wide portfolio of clinical applications
  • 2X10mm dual slice GOS solid detector
  • Auto film and auto sending make image processing more convenient
  • Sub-second full 360 scanning, sub-second reconstruction time and sub-millimeter slice thickness
  • 2X10mm dual slice, high efficiency detector
  • Powerful generator and high heat capacity X-ray tube provide excellent spiral scanning ability and extra stability
  • Optimal dosage control and low dose scanning protocol for children
  • Comprehensive standard and optional software packages adapt to a wide range of basal and advanced clinical diagnoses
  • DICOM 3.0 Standard interface

                                                                                    Note: Only Avaliable outside of USA






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