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Neusoft green DXRVision 

Excellent technology, high intelligence, green healthcare, and new network-based design.

Innovation for your need.

  • Fully automatic, intelligent operating system: Easy one-button auto positioning; 
  • Comprehensive coverage: fully-automatic dual-rail suspension enables wide range movements and more flexible opreations; long detector arm design allows for dead-angle free exposures and even special position exposures; 
  • Flat panel detector with high sensitivity and definition: An non-tiled flat panel detector featuring growing CsI and amorphous silicon with 100% filling factor delivers a 17*17-inch imaging area and may cover all positions; 
  • Unique algorithm provides image stitching function (full spine imaging, long bone imaging); 
  • Comprehensive patient care: Highly intelligent Visual  Guiding System(VGS) instructs and guides patients in the positioning process; 
  • Brand new network-based solution: Automatic refresh of RIS/HIS shortens patient's input; DICOM3.0 based network interface enables images transmitting via PACS, RIS or HIS;

Let our advantages benefit you!


Green DXRVision brings you:

  • Accurate diagnosis
    - Entire flat probe has a high resolution of 3.61p/mm;
    - Super high frequency, high voltage generator;
    - Easy achievement of special position for patients;
    - Multiple professional image post-processing software packages. 
  • Easy and efficient work
    Highly intelligent iris function;
    Automatic display of exposure dosage;
    Unique i4A technology allowing single-key acquisition of integrated images for improved workflow;
    Image pre-processing position binding;
    Industry-pioneering image stitching software package to expend businesses in orthopaedic operation effect assessment and plastic surgery sector. 
  • Green and safe patient care
    - Iris function extremely reduces radiation dosage of patients;
    - Extreme radiation dosage for chest radiograph is 1.25uGy only;
    - Intensive patients or children patients do not have to move;
    - High load bearing, high absorption and high insulating mobile planigraphy couch;
    - Original linkage of visual guiding system. 
  • Network-based e-hospital
    - WORKLIST function;
    - PACS/RIS systems jointly realize a teleconsultation system that transfers, stores and manages image info to handle with difficult cases.