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NeuStar DR






Neusoft Full-body NeuStar brings you useful and convenient workflows.


Excellent technology, streamlined design, convenient patient care, and brand new network-based design.


Multifunctional column device featuring simple and easy installation, repair and maintenance, low cost and 200KHz super high frequency technology; floating bed with a large movement range in four directions, ionization chamber configuration, 300KHU thermal capacity bulb tube to
guarantee continuous operation under any imaging



  • Accurate diagnosis
    - Entire flat probe has a high resolution of 3.11p/mm;
    - Super high frequency, high voltage generator;
    - Easy achievement of special position for patients;
    - Multiple professional image post-processing software packages. 
  • Easy and efficient work
    - Highly intelligent iris function;
    - Image pre-processing position binding;
    - Industry-pioneering image jointing software package to expend businesses of hospitals in orthopaedic operation effect assessment and plastic surgery sectors. 
  • Green and safe patient care
    - Intensive patients or children patients do not have to move;
    - High load bearing, low absorption and high insulating patient couch. 
  • Network-based e-hospital
    - WORKLIST function
    - PACS/RIS systems jointly realize a teleconsultation system that transfers, stores and manages image info to handle with difficult cases.


Technical Specifications

  • Multifunctional colume system; 
  • 14*17-inch amorphous silicon flat probe; 
  • 200KHz super high frequency system.


Download Product Brochure:


Brochure NeuStar (3.63M)