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NSM-S15 (Sparkler 1.5T)-Superconductive MRI System


Comfortable, Ideal, Fast, and Worry-free.


Sparkler 1.5T(NSM-S15) delivers the performance and application available at the investment & cost you expect, making 1.5T possible and easy to have.
A new 1.5T solution designed for you - Simple, Practical, and Affordable
Starting a new era for 1.5T MRI expands its application to more patients......


Let our advantages benefit you


Comfortable and easy patient experience by humanistic design

  • Extremely examination environment
    - Broad aperture increases air ventilation;
    - Reduced claustrophobia and phobia of patient during examination.
  • Extremely open positioning space
    - Bed can be lowered below 685mm to facilitate patients;
    - No machinery device under bed to facilitate doctors' positioning and placement operation.
  • Extremely quiet super-conductive system
    - SofTone gradient noise reduction technology to reduce noise for more patient care;
    - While guaranteeing imaging quality and clinical application, patients and operators will benefit from the process with improved comfort and examination efficiency.
  • Free full-body MR imaging
    - Integrated coil imaging increases patients' comfort;
    - No coil loss, efficient and safe.


Perfect balance of software and hardware and perfect combination of technology and clinical demand.

  • Excellent overall performance, originated from stable support from robust software and hardware systems.
    - On the NSM-S15 platform with srobust performance, exquisite processing and state-of-art technology are exhibited from magnet to computer. In particular, perfect balance of software and hardware is seen in the configuration of overall scanning toolkit.
  • Constantly refreshing acquisition record by efficient application of SENSE technology
    - SENSE parallel acquisition technology is a revolutionary contribution to MR quick acquisition technology. It is much faster than conventional methods, which helps boost imaging speed by increasing field intensity. Meanwhile, SENSE technology ensures acquisition of high-definition images within a short period of time.
  • Optimized workflow
    - Strong and easy-to-use application interface to effectively arrange scanning, display and post-processing;
    - Overall scanning toolkit and scanning protocol provides trust-worthy diagnosis basis.
  • Small installation footprint & easy maintenance
    - Typical layout with a small footprint;
    - Innovative and intelligent system design;
    - Easy for installation and convenient for operation and maintenance;
    - Modular RF screening and electromagnetic screening.

Phased Array Multi-Channel Receiving Coils




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Brochure NSM-S15 (1.2M)