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Superstar 0.35T





Superstar 0.35T


Image is Everything


Superstar 0.35T MRI system is designed and developed to provide the optimal openness and patient comfort for a wide range of procedures, while providing excellent diagnostic image quality.
It combines advanced high-field technology with Neusoft's Permanent Open Magnet. The Multi-Channel RF system and strong gradient configurations ensure advanced imaging capabilities for a wide range of clinical applications.


  • Reliability of a 0.35T C-type Permanent Magnet with super open design;
  • Superior field homogeneity in all fields of view. --- 1.8 ppm in 36cm DSV Vrms;
  • Gradient strength of 26mT/m guarantees high spatial resolution imaging surpassing;
  • Outstanding Slew Rate of 67mT/m/ms allows for fast imaging;
  • Multi-Channeled, phased array coil technology;
  • Simplified user interface for quick patient set-up and maximum patient throughput;
  • Comprehensive scan packages;
  • Strong and stable performance.

Phased Array Multi-Channel Receiving Coils




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Brochure Superstar 0.35T (2.8M)