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Image is Everything


The Superopen 0.23T(NAM-P023A) is designed and developed to provide optimal openness and patient comfort for a wide range of procedures, while providing excellent diagnostic image quality.
It combines advanced high-field technology with Neusoft's Permanent Open Magnet. The Multi-Channel RF system and Phased Array Rx Coils improve signals of low-field MRI to ensure excellent image quality and shorten scanning time.




  • Hardware: Dedicated 4 channels spectrometer;
  • Coils: Multi-channel Phase Array receiver coils;
  • System: Higher reliability and lower maintenance cost;
  • Gradient system: Patient friendly extremely low noise design;
  • High return on investment.

Phased Array Multi-Channel Receiving Coils




Download Product Brochure:


Brochure NAM-P023A (1.2M)