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Truesight PET






Truesight PET


Meet your needs and budget for cardiac imaging


Neusoft Positron Medical Systems is proud to introduce our whole-body PET scanner with pioneering cardiac technologies the all-new Truesight. This PET systems is a prelude to a cutting-edge class of PET/CT and PET/MRI products.The economy choice of the renewal cardiac PET is a world class scanner well known in American Cardiology Society.


The Truesight is built on a versatile platform that accommodates today's clinical & technological requirements, together with provisions for tommorrow's new scientific advancements.


Uniform spatial resolution in all three planes, true dynamic acquisition capability, complete Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology capabilities, together with a unique staggered detector design for optimal quantitative results-all make the Truesight your choice for molecular imaging platform.



  • Rapid AC with multiple 4mCi 68Ge sources and automated safety & parking system;
  • Multi-mode imaging for static and dynamic acquisitions;
  • Axial FOV = 166mm;
  • 61 slices per transverse acquisition (no Z axis motion);
  • Provisions for 16 slices CT add-ons;
  • BGO crystal detectors;
  • BirdsEye detector wobbling system for increased clinical quantification; 
  • Built-in laser alignment system.


Comfort & Accessibility


Truesight provides patients with all necessary comfortability for the whole spectrum of acquisition modes, from the simplest study to the longest dynamic acquisition. The addition of visual & vital-signs real-time patient monitoring optimizes patient experience and ensures successful results for doctors and a better outcome for patients.


Designed footprint


Height: 5'9''/1,808mm
Width: 6'7''/2,050mm
Length: bed and gantry total 13'2''/4,019mm
Gantry weight: 5,511 lbs/2500kg
Table weight limit: 450 lbs/200kg