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NeuLife Linear Accelerator






NeuLife Linear Accelerator


In 2010, Neusoft Medical expanded its innovation to the field of tumor treatment with the NeuLife Linear Accelerator featuring stable dosage rate output for a safe and effective medical treatment process. Using full-process digital control and industry-leading high-precision technology, NeuLife ensures exceptional accuracy in patient treatment. State-of-the-art hardware components purchased from around the globe ensures smooth and stable system operation over time.


Technical Specifications

  • Stable 6MV energy X-ray with max output dosage rate 300cGy/min;
  • Both static-beam therapy and arc therapy can be adopted;
  • Fixed wedge therapy is possible;
  • Direct beam type axial coupling standing microwave accelerating tube of high acceleration gradient, small size and easy installation;
  • Comprehensively optimized microwave system to reduce power loss and improve efficiency and stability of the entire system;
  • Able to reach peak treatment dosage rate instantaneously to better meet the demand of IMRT;
  • Independent dual channel ionization chamber design ensures accuracy of dosage measurement;
  • Collimator can move separately and pass isocentre with a maximum distance for 10cm;
  • Double scissors treatment couch with precise digital control to reduce error of repeated positioning below 0.1mm to meet the requirement for 3D directed radiation therapy. Better simplicity and precision can be achieved when using in combination with stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy;
  • PC-STD BUS industrial computer control for reliable operation and easy maintenance;
  • Light weight system structure with short rotary arm for precise and stable operation;
  • Designed with perfect multi-level safety interlock to ensure personnel and equipment safety; and
  • Internationally purchased bearings, motors and special moving parts, stable and reliable in operation.