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Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System






Neusoft Radiation Treatment Plan System (NEU-PROPS)


NEU-PROPS is a software-enabled device designed for use in the radiation therapy sector. As the command center in modern radiation therapy, it holds great importance in clinical care.




Neusoft NEU-PROPS is a clinically treatment plan software system developed by Neusoft Medical based upon best-practice tumor treatment at major medical institutions. As an important component of Neusoft's radiotherapy solution, 3D-TPS adopts the Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition (CCCS) algorithm which is the industry's most accurate 3D dose calculation model. Additionally, 3D-TPS provides powerful 3D visualization tools based on a ray-casting algorithm, allowing the user to visualize actual patient anatomy based on the voxel information provided by the 3D data set. In compliance with the DICOM RT standard, RT plan data can be transfered to other compliant systems.


Major functionalities of NEU-PROPS software include the following:

  • Patient image data input; 
  • Contouring;
  • Visualization;
  • Beam set up;
  • Dose calculation;
  • Intensity modulated by optimized beam weight;
  • Plan evaluation;
  • Plan output;
  • Data backup and recovery.