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Radiotherapy Information System


Radiotherapy Information System (NEU-RaidoNet)


RTIS provides a working platform for information management within the radiation therapy department. Built upon a central server, it realizes unified management of patient information, reports, equipment, consumables and exam process.

• Based on the DICOM Standard, system expandability and integration is assured.
• A DICOM RT standard-based radiotheraphy field data generation and transmission method is used to emphasize control of accelerator and multi-leaf collimator in radiation therapy.
• Treatment data is transmitted to NeuLife via DICOM-RT protocol to facilitate data acquisition and verification to ensure accuracy and correctness.
• An EPID system can be added to guarantee treatment verification.


Features optimized for the radiotherapy process

  • Patient Electronic Medical Record(EMR)
  • Simple treatment plan creation;
  • Treatment plan import;
  • Treatment plan and date verification;
  • Treatment process management;
  • Realtime position info and treatment info display; and
  • Multi leaf collimator communication control.