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NeuViz 64







NeuViz 64 64-Slice CT Scanner System


Your new choice,bring us more...

The design of NeuViz 64 CT scanner is focused on minimizing patient x-ray dose which provides increased coverage, better image quality and faster exams. The system configuration is designed to produce optimum image quality with the lowest possible radiation exposure. Advanced iterative reconstruction (AIR) technology delivers unbelievable image quality at extremely low dose. NeuViz 64 provides the user with benefits that help cut operating costs, improve departmental productivity, increase diagnostic confidence and grow clinical applications.  


  • 8.0 MHU/5.0MHU tube configured with powerful 80kW/50KW HV generator, more choices for our customers
  • New generation GOS detector with low afterglow and high geometric efficiency
  • Exclusive Quad-Sampling Acquisition Technology
  • ClearView Iterative Reconstruction Technology
  • Lower Dose and ECG Dose Modulation
  • Powerful AVW platform for all advanced applications


Our new advanced technology

Quad-Sampling Acquisition Technology
By dynamically moving the focal spot, axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%! This means improved resolution, reduced artifact and extended scanning ranges.


Our Advantages, Your Benefits


ClearView Iterative Reconstruction Technology

Multiple iteration steps in the reconstruction process could eliminate noise level and enable dose reduction.
í░Remove noise without any loss in detail, providing images in some cases that are better than the full-dose images.í▒



Fast, Precise and Low Dose Cardiac Imaging

ECG Modulation helps to reduce dose in cardiac scan by ECG controlled tube current modulation.

Using ECG-Modulation scanning technology and ClearView iterative reconstruction, Cardic CTA dose reduced to extreme lower level.





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