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NeuViz Twin





NeuViz Twin Dual-Slice CT Scanner System


Wise Design, Wise Choice 



NeuViz Twin offers cost-effective dual-slice computed tomography with multi-detector capabilities for maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

  • High speed scanning, best in Dual Slice 
  • 0.8s full 360 scanning, 10ips reconstruction speed and 0.8mm minimum slice thickness
  • 2*10mm high efficiency dual slice solid detector 
  • 1024 Matrix high resolution reconstruction
  • Powerful generator and high heat capacity x-ray tube provide excellent spiral scanning ability and extra stability
  • DoseRight design delivers optimal dose efficiency without compromising image quality
  • Auto film and Auto sending make image processing more convenient 
  • Optimal dosage control and low dose scanning protocol for children
  • Remote service package links your scanner directly to an online service center



Advanced Technology, more Benefits 


Advanced Minimum Focal Spot
The NeuViz Twin employs "Advanced Minimum Focal Spot" technology to improve the imaging and detection of small anatomical structure. By optimizing x-ray chain geometry imaging of structures like the inner ear becomes routine.

1024 Matrix high resolution reconstruction
By using high resolution reconstruction lung imaging with high diagnostic quality is possible. The ability to visualize smaller lesions means that lung disease can be diagnosed earlier, improving clinical outcomes.

DoseRight modulation without compromising image quality
Neusoft is continually looking for ways to reduce the risk of radiation while expanding the benefits of diagnostic imaging technology. The NeuViz Twin embodies this commitment with the highest dose efficiency on the market. NeuViz Twin offer DoseRight modulation optimization tools that enhance user experience, improve image quality and lower the patient dose.

                                                                                    Note: Only Avaliable outside of USA






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