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Neusoft Comprehensive Solution for Digital Hospital

  • The basic business framework of hospital information is planned by relying on Neusoft comprehensive product line, providing a necessary basic support for the comprehensive development of hospital information, including the basic business in every department, group service model, community service model and regional model.
  • The basic technical framework of the hospital information is constructed on the basis of the Neusoft basic platform of digital hospital, providing the hospital with customer services, third-party software integration services and providing reliable core support for the comprehensive development of the hospital information, including customer development, version upgrades, consulting and planning and sustainable technical support.
  • The IT service system required by hospital information development is established by combining the advantages of Neusoft Corporation, providing overall support for the sustainable development of hospital information, such as localized and personalized software services, localized system integration services, normative and highly-effective project process management and countrywide IT technical service support.
  • From the overall development plan of the hospital information, Neusoft digital hospital comprehensive solution will be patient-centered, take both operation management and clinical treatment into account, regard the increase of hospital economic and social benefits as the basic point, provide comprehensive human resources, financial and material management, have adequate capacity to support the clinical deals (medical, nursing, technical, inspection and other aspects of business), support the pooled analysis of department information and calculation of payment balance, take the enhancement of medical quality and working efficiency as the goal, deepen the clinical specialization, intelligence and integration as well as help doctors improve the diagnosis level, optimize workflow and improve the working efficiency, ensuring the hospital management to work in the medical operations and doctors¡¯ working process so as to meet the requirements of the sustainable development of the hospital information and satisfy the needs of actual work to the maximum extent.




Medical Health


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Digital Hospital Taking the Clinical Treatment as the Main Line

  • Construct a comprehensive, efficient, safe, sustainable and patient-centered hospital clinical medical service system by taking the clinical treatment as the main line, combining the clinical operations of processing doctor¡¯s order, clinical pathway and nursing management, configuring operational rights according to the roles and integrating the business operation, workflow and data management of HIS, LIS, PACS/RIS, anesthesia monitoring information system, ECG monitoring information system, pharmacy and medical quality control.



Expandable Medical Information Integration Platform


The construction of hospital information is a long process and its internal information system construction will involve the cooperation of multiple manufacturers. Moreover, the integrated technologies should be introduced to actualize the business collaboration and information sharing among related software products.

Related standards: national health information standard, HL7, IHE



Integrated core functions:
EMPI, MQ, workflow management, data exchange and sharingInterface technologies:
Web Service, XML, COM and message processing technologies



Digital Hospital Taking the Clinical Treatment as the Main Line


Applicable model:
  • Support internal loading of components to meet the requirements of expansion within the system.
  • Support the integration with the third-party software to realize the correlation among different systems.
  • Support group deployment and provide the information coordination required by group medical model.
  • Support the extension with the regional medical treatment

System Features of Neusoft Medical Software Products


Hospital Information System

  • Based on full meeting operation section office¡¯s requirement, serves integration as core, serves hospital¡¯s management decisions as target and has continuous and ameliorative ability;
  • Generally manage the hospital¡¯s property and staff in different departments;
  • Collect, store, dispose, pick up, transfer, gather and process the dada which produces on different medical stages to all kinds of information;
  • Supply comprehensive and automatic management and service information system for hospital¡¯s whole operation.


Laboratory Information System
  • LIS can link the laboratory analysis equipments through the computer network and actualize the laboratory-centered overall management of the whole environment by adopting the scientific management idea and advanced database technology. And also, LIS can form a complete laboratory management and product quality control system by integrating the modules of sample management, resource management, affair management, network management, data management (collection, transmission, processing, output and issue) and report management, meeting the requirements of external daily management and guaranteeing the strict management and control of laboratory analysis data.

Electronic Medical Record
As the carrier of the patient¡¯s information, medical record is the original record of the patient¡¯s diagnosis and treatment in hospital. It includes a home page, course record, exam results, prescription, operation records and nursing records. Electronic medical record (EMR) refers to the computerized medical record.

Clinical Pathway System
The hospital implements a scientific service and management method by reducing the cost of service targets (patients and their families) but providing high-quality service for them. Namely, the hospital develops a set of ¡°optimal¡± and standard service and management model for a certain diagnosis and treatment (therapy), which we call ¡°Clinical Pathway¡±.

Anesthesia Monitoring Information System
In the hospital information system, the network of anesthesia monitoring equipment information is an important aspect, which can reflect the information technology application in the hospital. During the operation anesthesia, the anesthesiologist can record the anesthetic drugs and collecting the data of patient¡¯s vital signs through the anesthesia monitoring information system which can auto-generate the anesthetic record documents to reduce the doctors¡¯ working load and can provide patient information view to help doctors make the anesthetic plan.

Cost Accounting System
Currently, the market competition among the hospitals in China is very fierce, which expands from the competition among state-owned hospitals to that among state-owned hospitals, joint venture hospitals, group hospitals and privatehospitals. The hospital managers should not only focus on the hospital brand, identity and services, but also pay attention to the improvement of the operation management of the hospital. Cost accounting is the basic work for the hospital management and the accounting depth and level will directly influence the cost management result.

Performance Appraisal System
Performance appraisal is a formal employee evaluation system. It can evaluate and measure the employee¡¯s workingbehavior and achievement through the systematic method and principle. It is also an important activity for enterprise managers to communicate with the employees. The performance appraisal result can directly affect the employee¡¯s wage adjustment, bonus, post and other vital interests, but its ultimate goal is to improve the employee¡¯s working performance, satisfaction and future sense of achievement besides realize the enterprise¡¯s operation objective, finally actualizing the ¡°win-win¡± development of both enterprise and individual.


Designed on DICOM Standard 3.0, Neusoft PACS/RIS is a comprehensive medical system combining a variety of functions ranging from medical image acquisition, transmission, storage, search, diagnosis, reporting and general information management. Built upon cost-effective servers and storage devices, it also uses large relational databases to store and manage data and images.


Telemedicine System

Relying on our strong technical strength, we have built a large collection of successful experience in remote medical service from all over the world into this Telemedicine System. With this total solution in line with the requirements of China's remote medical services, customers can construct and run their own telemedicine networks.



Xikang is a comprehensive, full life-cycle health security service platform that connects high-quality medical resources of community hospitals, chain pharmacies, insurance agencies, fitness centers and large medical institutions through advanced medical equipment and IT network technology, offering both individuals and families a complete range of healthcare services, such as preventive healthcare, remote monitoring, medical treatment, medicine distribution, fitness, health maintenance, etc.


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